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Wednesday August 26th

Shawn's Auto Repair Wicked Wed...Test & Tune & Trophy Racing...Mounds Motor Sports Motorcycle Shootout presented by Schnitz Racing.


Saturday August 29th

Battery Xpress free pass night...Free passes while they last at Battery Xpress in Yorktown...John Lingenfelter Memorial Race $800 to WIN and $200 for R/U regular entry in Sportsman class...Williams Auto Parts Racing Series...Full Racing Program

Rain date for Lingenfelter Race is Sept. 5th


What a weekend to look forward to as this is the last weekend for points for the Bracket Finals Race!! With all the rainouts this season and no double points races the racers are earning spots by going rounds this season and its been fun watching everyone fighting to make the team. So points runners be prepared for this weekend might be some run offs for the 2015 Muncie Dragway Bracket Finals Team!


What an awesome day of racing we had last Saturday we are truly blessed with some of the best racing around and we know we couldn't do this without our sponsors and racers and spectators!!! Thank you, thank you for helping make Muncie Dragway one of the best and spending your weekends with us.


Super Pro Winner - Marty McKinney

R/U - Kayleigh Daniels


Pro Winner - Steve Collier

R/U - Doug Caplinger


Sportsman Winner - Larry Shupperd

R/U - Shawn Pitts


High School Winner - Mariah Hunter

R/U - Morgen Wood


Major Junior Winner - Skyler Bee

R/U - Brayde McCreery


Minor Junior Winner - Max White

R/U - Gage Byerly


King of the Track Winner - Marty McKinney

R/U - Larry Shupperd


Congratulations to all our Winner and Runner- ups this past weekend!!!









As of August 22nd on Saturdays through September our Juniors will start as always at 1 and Big Cars Follow which usally is about 1:30 so that means Pro will be called to the lanes about 1:30 and Everyone else will follow. The 2:30 start time is NO longer in effect because we need to be started before that.

Two things I want to address:

One...this is the last warning on the pit vehicles and not being 16 and Licensed! This has become such a problem this year and we are getting complaints every weekend so we will be announcing to make sure everyone knows if you are "NOT 16 and hold a Valied Drivers License" we will take pit vehicles until a parent comes and gets them from us. Please parents this is your responsibility to watch your children and to make sure they follow this rule.


Second...Pit Spots yes you paid for them for the race season but you paid for them to park your race car and tow vehicle in. We announced at the banquet these are for racers only and if your not racing just as we charge any spectator that wants to park on pit side you will be charged also. We have racers every weekend that coud park in these open spots instead of at the creek and if your not using your spot to race then we need to be parking racers in these spots. This should have been being taken care of all year at the front gate and we were unaware this was not being done at front gate and we are now implementing this every weekend. We are not changing anything that wasn't suppose to already be being done every weekend. As always anyone can park on the spectator side for FREE!

Something to "Think" about:"If you don't believe in miracles, perhaps you've forgotten that you are one."


Attention Racers...we will not be holding any more double points races this season. With all the rainouts we have had and lack of points races we want to give everyone a fair chance to finish out the season with just regular points races every weekend.


Racers planning on E.T. finals we will be taking

14 Super Pro

13 Pro

5 Sportsman

2 High School

We are changing the date for the Final Points race to make the team to August 29th. We orginally had the 22nd but we are extending it to the 29th for lack of point races. At the end of this night we will need to know if you plan on going!





ADMISSION: Regular Admission price through the Spectator gate is $10.00 for adults, with children 11 and under Free. There is no charge to walk over into the pits. Many special discounts are listed on the enclosed schedule. Special Events may be priced higher.

PARKING: All spectator parking is free on the west side of the track, in the main spectator parking area. The pits are
intended for race cars ONLY at all Saturday Night races. Pit parking will be allowed only by paying a $5.00 pit parking fee.

Recent Winners
Recent Winner Recent Winner Recent Winner
Jerry Adams - Super Pro Winner Brayde McCreery - Major Jr Winner Joe Gribben - Sportsman Winner
Recent Winner   Recent Winner
Larry Wright - Pro Winner   Max White - Minor Jr Winner